Preparatory Services consist of:

  1. We
    get to know each other;
  2. We
    become familiar with your location and your wishes;
  3. We
    prepare the offer and we sign the contract;
  4. We
    come to your location and we take measurements.

Consulting Services during the Design Period consist of:

  1. Identifying
    the functional issues of the space;
  2. Identifying
    the solutions for minimizing the functional problems;
  3. Consultancy
    in setting the traffic flows within your space according to your needs;
  4. Consultancy
    in choosing the colours and the furniture;
  5. Consultancy
    in choosing the sanitary wares;
  6. Consultancy
    in choosing the lighting devices;
  7. Consultancy
    in choosing and placing of sockets & switches;
  8. Consultancy
    during the legal approval period, if the new functionality requires (i.g.:
    space partitioning: demolition, new wall constructions, etc.)

Design Services consist of:

  1. Concept establishment;
  2. Re-measurement plan (only if there are works changing the existing measurements, for example: functionality alterations though wall demolition and / or new wall construction, etc.);
  3. Furniture Plan;
  4. Presentation of the proposed furniture;
  5. Finishes presentation (floors, walls);
  6. Presentation of the proposed decorations & accessories;
  7. Lighting plan proposal (positioning of the lighting devices, sockets & switches);
  8. Presentation of the proposed lighting system;
  9. Proposal to solve natural light (windows) only where necessary;
  10. Suppliers’ proposal list;
  11. Budget planning proposal and bill of quantities;
  12. Presentation mock-ups.

Services during the Execution Phase consist of (only for Concepts & Designs created by us):

  1. Support in execution team selection;
  2. Support in contract negotiation for execution;
  3. Counselling the execution team to make sure they understand the project;
  4. Support in negotiation of procurement contracts (finishes, furniture, etc.);
  5. Suppliers’ co-ordination;
  6. Site supervision during the execution (setting a certain number of site visits).

NEW: Additional services for Companies:

  • Counselling
    in choosing an unitary concept in line with the existing brand;


  • Counseling for Companies Wishing Re-branding

  1. Advising in choosing the new brand name;
  2. Integrating the concept into the new brand;
  3. Creating the design logo so as to create a whole;
  4. Creating advertising materials so that the brand and concept are coherent;
  5. Web design, site realization and implementation in accordance with the new brand.

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