Born in a family of artists, architects, designers and engineers, my passions for design has its roots in childhood. At age of 6, I’ve walked for the first time on a construction site. During my youngest years, I saw my Mom drawing houses and painting. But, life had other plans for me and guided me to the hardest part. I’ve graduated the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings. As an engineer, I’ve learned what means a site and project management. Still, my passion for design did not stop and I’ve graduated a master programme at the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. Also, I had the opportunity to successful complete projects over 100 million Eur from concept to commissioning. In each completed building, being it residential, offices or retails, I’ve always thought & sometimes even applying, what I would have changed from the design point of view. However, this was still not enough for me and I’ve decided to take the interior design course held by Ileana Raducanu, the Editor in Chief of Romanian Elle Decoration Magazine. After meeting Ileana, my “grey concrete” world has changed. My view on the interior design has other dimension now: larger, clearer and brighter. Because of her I had the opportunity in meeting personalities as Giulio Cappellini, considered “one of the biggest trend-setters worldwide”.  Thank you, Ileana!

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